Value creation through the use of free computational power on your PC at home or on computers in your company.

PCs in households or firms are an average maximum of 8-12 hours in use per day. The rest of the time, they are idle, or running in standby mode.
In present times computing capacity is an ever needed resource and is significant for a wide variety of processes This fact raises the question of how to use these free resources, to support sustainable projects.

Thats why we have developed the CharityNet software!

After a minute without a users interaction (mouse movement, button press), the workstation automatically starts the CharityNet background service (similar to a screen saver). The service connects via Internet to a peer-to-peer network and works with thousands of other PCs on solutions for complex algorithmic tasks.
The value, every worker-process can achieve, depends on the price of solving a given problem and on several technical properties like the performance and number of individual CPUs or on the number of participants in the network

We are already offering this concept successfully to commercial businesses environments. The experienced references from those profit-driven solutions, inspired us, to think in a different direction and to create sustainable value that can reflect your corporate social responsibility!



Current fund raising situation

According to „balance sheet on giving 2013“, there is an increasing willingness to donate in recent years. This is a positive message.
The main barrier today is mainly not the funding but the processing of possible donations.
Despite the willingness to support non-profit organizations, the implementation lacks of easy, accessible donation processes . Forms have to be completed, subscriptions and memberships are required and standing orders or bank transfers have to be made made. This additional expense nowadays is a large hurdle for busy people and professionals.
Based on these facts, we have developed a system that allows any owner of a computer with Internet access, to automatically generate and raise funds for a charity of his choice, by simply installing and operating a software. The idle time of his PC is automatically used, to contribute its computing power to a distributed network available to, this process is worth money!

In practice this means:

By installing a simple software and by providing a few hours of daily operation, you are contributing money to support sustainable and social projects!
The power of the cloud makes a few cent earned on each individual PC, to count and to make the world better. The more people who participate, the greater the success!